We are now proud to announce that our extensive product line includes mastectomy bras and forms!

Professional, Compassionate and Informative

We strive to provide our clients with a sensitive and warm environment for finding the perfect fitting mastectomy bra and breast form. Our professionally trained staff will help in finding the perfect sized form and bra to suit individual needs.

Why should you be fitted for a breast form?

Breast forms help in the maintenance of a straight and balanced posture. After the loss of one breast, over time, the weight of the remaining breast may cause the body to lean to one side; possibly causing spinal and/or muscular strain. Forms also contribute to a symmetrical appearance after the loss of breast tissue on one or both breasts.

We at The Bra Boutique want you to experience the same variety of attractive, high-end options during your bra shopping experience as you once did. No woman should feel that putting on their bra in the morning is a stressful activity, which is why our staff is committed to making sure that you find a bra that leaves you feeling confident and comfortable.  

Bra Tip
We carry practical, comfortable, pretty and sexy mastectomy bra options for any wardrobe need.