Did you know?

Approximately 85% of women wear an ill-fitting bra and are often unaware that they’re using the wrong size to begin with.

The Professional Bra Fitting Experience

Using a closely sized bra that is not precise to your measurements, known as a sister size, may feel like the right size if you have never been professionally fitted, but has the potential to cause discomfort, unnatural lumps or bulges, and health complications if it is worn long-term.


Looking for the Cheapest Bra? You Get What You Pay For!

The thin and tight straps used on cheap, mass-manufactured bras can leave behind painful red marks and bruising on your shoulders and rib cage when taking it off at the end of the day.

Wearing ill-fitted bras for extended periods can lead to disfigured muscle tissue, shortness of breath, and headaches. In more severe cases it can result in chronic numbness and pain in shoulder muscles and nerves called Costoclavicular Syndrome (also known as Bra Strap Syndrome).

Feel Good About Your Girls

Women with larger breasts are often times forced to wear an undersized cup and band because of limited size availability in popular retail stores. This results in unshapely bulges on your back and rib cage that show through clothes, which can lower self-esteem and prevent you from looking your best even while wearing well-fitted garments.

Getting measured by our professional consultants at The Bra Boutique will ensure that your natural movements and body shape are accentuated rather than restricted, which can improve your both physical and emotional well-being.

Confident and Comfortable

Once you put on a well-fitted bra you should notice an improvement in overall posture and an accentuated breast shape that will leave your clothing fitting comfortably and smoothly.

The lift from a properly fitted cup-size will also reduce muscle strain felt during daily physical activity and exercise. After getting the perfect size for your body, you will feel supported, comfortable, and confident even after a full day of wear.

Feel free to browse our current selection of bras for sale. Stop in or pre-book your free, professional bra fitting in Peterborough or Cobourg at one of our locations.

It's Time For A Bra Fitting When...

  • You can’t wait to take your bra off at night
  • The wires hurt/poke/dig
  • The bra rides up
  • Shoulders hurt
  • Straps fall off the shoulders

Bra Fitting FAQ

Frequently asked questions about bra fitting

Why is a Fitted Bra So Important?

No matter the size, you need to be properly supported, especially as we age. A proper fitting bra can help reduce back pain and headaches for larger breasted women and can improve posture, overall appearance and enhance self-esteem for all women. The right undergarment plays a crucial part in how your clothes fit and look on your body.

What Can The Right Bra Really Do?

  • The right bra can give the appearance that you have lost weight
  • Smooth and shape breasts, giving a sleeker line which enhances clothing
  • Comfortably support breasts, improving posture and easing discomfort from headaches and back pain
  • Lift and support breasts, giving a more youthful appearance
  • Make breasts appear smaller, giving the body a leaner and taller appearance
  • Make breasts appear fuller, adding shapely curves

How Much Does a Bra Cost?

One good bra can be considerable less expensive then 3 poor quality bras that don't last as long. Prices start at $89.00, but become a client/member and get the inside scoop on our sales.

Are Bra Fittings Free?

There is no charge for fitting, however our expertise lies with the brands that we carry.

What Range of Bra Sizes Do You Carry?

We Specialize in hard to find sizes and difficult fits. Range 30-56 back size, A-N cup size.

What Brands Do You Have?

We specialize in European brands , Chantelle, Prima Donna, Freya, Fantasie, Goddess, Elomie, Simone Perele and Anita.

Do I Have to Get Naked When Getting Fitted?

No. All measurements are taken over your clothes. We make privacy a priority but do need to see the bra on to confirm a proper fit.