High impact sports bras are created to reduce bounce during intense activities using a full coverage cup that is designed to support and lift. The breathable, moisture wicking fabric helps keep you dry and comfortable during any high intensity workouts and sports.  
Low impact sports bras are also designed with moisture wicking properties and breathable linings, but offer a more flexible, lightweight stretch fabric to provide gentle support. These bras are best suited for light exercise like yoga and aerobics, but their flexibility makes for a versatile bra suited for a general active lifestyle. 

Sports Bras: Support and Comfort are Key!

Sports bras are created with advanced fabrics which increase breathability, reduce stretching, improves support, and provides the ability to wick away moisture; all of which helps enhance your comfort.

Bra Tip
Not all sports bras are created equal! There are different fabrics/styles for different activities such as playing high impact sports, walking or yoga.