At the Bra Boutique, we offer an amazing selection of bras that will take you through your pregnancy and into nursing.

How To Choose The Best Maternity Bra

A non-underwire bra is recommended for comfort while still providing the support you need for your changing body! A professionally fitted maternity bra will give you piece of mind benefiting you and your baby.

Did you know?

Wearing a regular underwire bra during nursing can result in blocked milk ducts.

It’s important for expecting and new mothers to have a proper maternity bra to accommodate the new changes. During nursing a woman’s bust becomes fuller, which is why a maternity bra is designed with wider straps to better support the new weight, a wider range of band adjustability, and flexible soft cups that are built to adapt to your changing size and provide optimal support.

Bra Tip
A simple bra extender can sometimes extend the longevity of your bra during pregnancy.